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David Russell
Web Administrator

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Browser Requirements

Every modern desktop browser should have no trouble accessing the content at churchofthehighlands.com. The only browser still in use today, but not officially supported by our development team is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6). All other versions, including IE 7 and IE 8 are officially supported.

Your experience on this site will be enhanced if you use a better browser, like Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Each are free and well worth switching to!

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Mobile Version

If you browse to churchofthehighlands.com on your mobile device, chances are the site will detect that and redirect you to the mobile-specific version of our site. However, if you are not automatically redirected or wish to try the mobile version on some other device, like an iPad or Kindle, browse to: http://m.churchofthehighlands.com.

Other Devices

Because this site was built with accessibility in mind, you may find it works very well on many other platforms. We hope you can access the content here in ways we never imagined.

Your Feedback

The web team at Church of the Highlands values your voice! Whether you have a success story or have run into an issue, we want to hear from you. Take a moment to send over some feedback. You can report a problem, request a feature or just say ‘hello’.