How to Create a High-Touch Environment

30 Ways to Create a High-Touch Environment

As we head into this fall season at Highlands, we are praying and preparing for an influx of first time visitors and guests.  As a part of the Dream Team, we want to exceed each attendee’s expectations in every way!  We go above and beyond for others so that they can experience the hope and life we have in Jesus. 

Pastor Chris has equipped our staff and teams with a list of things that we can do to make this the best church experience our guests have ever had.  Creating a “High-Touch Environment” means we look for ways to make each person’s experience memorable and enjoyable.  Let’s embrace these and encourage one another to be the best we can be as we serve!

  1. Love and accept yourself.
  2. Express your love openly.
  3. Put energy into being likeable.
  4. Be the first one to apologize.
  5. Let other people save face. Let them off the hook.
  6. Smile a lot.
  7. Make all the friends you can.
  8. Be transparent and authentic.
  9. Lead by example.
  10. Be predictable and consistent.
  11. Never show your anger in public.
  12. Think people, not events.
  13. Practice the 30/30 principle. That is, the most important part of a service is the 30 minutes before and after the service.
  14. Walk slowly through the crowd.
  15. Always be a friend to the little man. The popular come and go.
  16. Return all e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours.
  17. Look for ways to honor and thank others. Write notes or send a text.
  18. Celebrate people publicly.
  19. Laugh more.
  20. Don't miss significant events. Births, graduations, achievements only come around once.
  21. Heal the hurt when someone is wounded.
  22. Give others credit and accept none.
  23. Connect people with other people.
  24. Remember names.
  25. Focus on their interests. Ask questions. "Tell me more."
  26. Let them know you need them.
  27. Value people.
  28. Follow the 101% principle.  Find the 1 % you agree on and give it 100% of your attention.  Don't focus on differences.
  29. Follow the golden rule.  In every situation treat others the way you want to be treated.
  30. Seek out resources to help you grow in your relationship skills.