Adjunct Faculty

Southeastern University (SEU) at Highlands College (HC) is seeking part-time, adjunct instructors, available to teach between the hours of 8:00 am and 1:30 pm at the Greystone Campus in Birmingham, Alabama, qualified to teach at the collegiate level.

Adjunct instructors lecture in assigned subject areas, guide classroom discussions and group assignments, assign required classwork, grade, and record class assignments, keep accurate attendance records, evaluate overall student performance, conduct student conferences, interact with university administrative staff and navigate the university’s online platform and student information system.

SEU at HC is currently looking for instructors to teach the following courses:

ENGL 1133 - English Composition I - The study and practice in the critical reading and effective writing of expository prose, with an emphasis on fluency and style.

ENGL 1233 - English Composition II - The study and practice in the critical reading and effective writing of argumentative and expository prose, with an emphasis on the documented paper. A research paper is required.

MATH 1313 - Topics in Math - This course introduces students to non-algebraic principles including sets, logic, Euclidean geometry, probability, and statistics.

MATH 1323 - Explorations in Math - This is a discrete mathematics course that demonstrates the beauty and utility of mathematics. Topics for this course are set theory, elementary number theory, history of mathematics, numbers and number systems, financial mathematics, and systems of linear equations and inequalities.

HIST 2013 - American History to 1877 - This course is a survey of American history to 1877. Topics include the colonial period, the Revolutionary era, the Constitution, Jeffersonianism, economic and territorial expansion, sectional tensions, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

NSCI 1034 - Life Science - This course includes the major biological principles and their application to the general health and well-being of humankind. Problem-solving and explanation of biological phenomena is expected to be the basic process development approach.

SSCI 2033 - Humans in Society - This course is a study of social organization with a focus on organizations, institutions, and social forces that contribute to the formation and self-definition of a society. The development of social norms, culture, belief systems, and stratification are considered. Emphasis is placed on exploring the existence and perpetuation of social problems.

SSCI 2233 - Marriage and Family - This course is a study of the major issues related to courtship, marriage, and family formation. Special attention is given to the social conditions influencing courtship, marriage, divorce, and family life. Topics include dating rituals, gender differences, expectations, parenting, family dysfunction, family violence, and strategies for sound relating. The role of family counselors and therapists is also discussed.

PSYC 1133 - Introduction to Psychology - This course is an introduction to the field of psychology. Topics addressed are neuroscience and behavior, nature and nurture, consciousness, sensation and perception, learning, memory, intelligence, personality, psychological disorders, and social behavior.

DCOM 1433 - Fundamentals of Speech - This course is a study in both theory and practice in the principles of effective speech development and presentation.

Essential Qualifications:

Southeastern University is a Christian University that offers an accredited degree through Highlands College. HC is a higher education biblical institute that offers a certificate program in ministry leadership to students 18-24 years old. Please be sure to read the mission and vision of Highlands College at

Application Process:

Applicants should send the following to

Following a preliminary screening and approval, SEU at Highlands College will invite preferred candidates to submit additional information, including three letters of recommendation, official graduate transcripts, a background check, and representative course syllabi. Review of applications will continue until the position is filled.


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