Honduras (Medical) CANCELLED: Opelika May 26 - Jun 5, 2018

Honduras (Medical) CANCELLED

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Dec 1st, 2017

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Trip Focus: Bring physical and spiritual healing to Rio Viejo

In its early days, Honduras was inhabited by numerous indigenous tribes.  In 1502, Christopher Columbus landed in Honduras and claimed it as part of the vast Spanish Empire.  The Spaniards ruled for 300 years until independence was won for Honduras on September 15, 1821.

Poverty is often a major determining factor in how health care is distributed in Honduras.  According to the World Health Organization, Honduras has a fragmented health care system leaving approximately 30% of the population without medical care.  For every 10,000 Hondurans, there are only 6 medical doctors, 13 nurses or midwives, and 2 dentists, with very few of these healthcare professionals venturing out into the poorest rural areas of the country.

Through the work of missionaries and visiting teams, Rio Viejo and the surrounding villages are being given hope.  Medical and dental brigades, visiting practitioners, construction teams, and educational teams are a vital part of bringing the healing love of Jesus to Honduras.

*Payment deadlines must be met in order to participate in this trip. Church of the Highlands uses each payment to purchase airfare and other necessary trip expenses shortly following the posted deadlines. Therefore, payments are non-refundable, and failure to meet these deadlines will result in the removal of a team member and/or the cancellation of the trip.

What are the accommodations? The team will stay in dormitory style rooms within the compound

What will we eat? Amazing Honduran food

**All payments are non-refundable**

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