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Israel - Beit Hallel: Grants Mill Dec 26 - Jan 5, 2018

Israel - Beit Hallel

Project Leaders

Renee Blair, Steve Blair, Toni Ford

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Jun 13th, 2017

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About This Project

This unique trip gives team members an in-depth experience in the Holy Land. The first part of the trip will be touring throughout Israel seeing places from the Bible and experiencing it coming alive. You will then be serving alongside a local congregation. Leave your prints in the same soil where Jesus walked and leave forever changed! The blood of Jesus was poured out for Jewish and Arab alike. Come be an ambassador of Christ in a war-torn land close to the heart of God.

Visit places like The Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Pool of Bethesda, Garden Tomb, Western Wall, Capernaum and swim in the Dead Sea.

What are the accommodations? Your team will likely stay in a hotel.

What will we eat? Your team will eat traditional Middle Eastern food including falafel, hummus, chicken and rice, and shawarma.

What should I wear? Dress is very conservative. Please bring clothes that are modest and neat. For women, long skirts or pants with long shirts that cover your backside are required. Shirts and blouses must cover shoulders, even reaching your elbow. For men, long pants/trousers must be worn when doing ministry. Your team leader will advise you more about clothing requirements during team meetings.

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