Israel- Birmingham Area Students Jun 6 - Jun 16, 2018

Israel- Birmingham Area Students

Project Leaders

Elizabeth Giattina, Shannon Zeigler

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Jan 5th, 2018

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About This Project

Trip Focus: Serving at Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries conference, Adventure Tour

This nation, a country holding a special part in the heart of God, is war-torn and hungry for the Gospel of peace. During this trip students will serve at the FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries) conference, an international conference dedicated to blessing the people of Israel and connecting believers to the land of the Messiah.

We will also tour many Biblical sites with FIRM, which will be the adventure of a lifetime! Students will go camping in desert areas, kayak down the Jordan River, hike to sites spoken of in the Bible, and follow Jesus’ footsteps through the land of Israel. Students will and be forever changed as the Bible comes alive!

The blood of Jesus was poured out for Jewish and Arab alike. We welcome you to ask the Lord if He wants you to go on this trip and be an ambassador for Jesus in a nation that He loves.

 *Payment deadlines must be met in order to participate in this trip. Church of the Highlands uses each payment to purchase airfare and other necessary trip expenses shortly following the posted deadlines. Therefore, payments are non-refundable, and failure to meet these deadlines will result in the removal of a team member and/or the cancellation of the trip.

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