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LA Dream Center Huntsville : Grandview Jun 26 - Jul 2, 2017

LA Dream Center Huntsville

Project Leaders

Darren Morton, Jason Pugh, LESLIE KNIGHT

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Jan 11th, 2017

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About This Project

On this trip you will experience The LA Dream Center which has over 250 outreaches and ministries in a city crying out for help. Join us to meet the needs of thousands whose lives are being transformed through Christ’s love. Show your love for Him by feeding His sheep, sheltering the poor, and helping save the victims of crime and drug addiction. Live the “inner city” experience and experience changed lives first-hand. 

What are the accommodations? Our team will stay at the LA Dream Center. You will share a dorm room with 2 or 3 other teammates.

What will we eat? All of your meals are provided by the Dream Center in their cafeteria. You will also have opportunities to eat out as a team at In-N-Out Burgers and other West-Coast favorites.

What should I bring? Please bring everything that you will need for showering and daily hygiene. The Dream Center will provide towels, wash cloth, and all of your bedding. You will need a pair of closed toe shoes and clothing that you wouldn't mind getting dirty or ruined. Many work related tasks include cleaning and serving on the streets of L.A. You will want to bring shorts (please make sure that they are modest length), jeans, sweatshirt or jacket (it may get cold at night), t-shirts (girls: please do not bring tank tops).

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