Moldova students Au Tusc May 25 - Jun 5, 2017

Moldova students Au Tusc

Project Leaders

Jaylyn Bivins, Brock Nix, Donna Petrina, Johnny Petrina

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Jan 30th, 2017

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About This Project

Moldova is essentially landlocked with rolling steppes gradually sloping south towards the Black Sea. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau. The local language is Romanian but Russian is widely used.

We will partner with Filadelfia Church and serve with their dream team nationals leading games, have English language practice fellowship and encourage the local church there.

We will also have a cultural exchange visiting with poor families in village areas and delivering food parcels

Where will we stay? The team will stay in dormatory style rooms within the compound of the church property.

What will we eat? Traditional eastern European style foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, and cheese.

Trip costs and dates are approximate.

**All payments are non-refundable**

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