Church of the Highlands

Common Questions

How Do I Start an Outreach Small Group? The first step to starting any small group at Highlands is to attend Small Group Leadership training. Training is available at every campus during Step Four of the Growth Track, which is held the fourth Sunday of every month. The next step is to register your small group online so others can find your group. Small Group registration opens up a few weeks prior to the start of each semester. If you still have questions about launching your Outreach Small Group, please let us know.

Where Can I Get Ideas for my Outreach Group?

Your group should be built on your spiritual gifts, interest and area of passion. What has God put on your heart? What are you good at doing? Where is the need in your community? The answers to these questions should help you form your group. Check out our list of Outreach Ideas for inspiration on how to get involved.

Please check back soon for more information on Outreach opportunities.