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Dino Rizzo Associate Pastor Missions, Dream Centers, Local Outreach and Prisons

Connect With Dino

Dino Rizzo serves on the Executive Team and is the Outreach and Missions Pastor. In these roles, Dino teaches in some weekend worship services throughout the year with a special emphasis on leading the church to recognize and meet needs in the community.

With thirty-five years of ministry experience, including twenty years planting and pastoring a thriving local church and several years leading a national church-planting network, Dino is uniquely equipped to share with others what he has learned about living, loving, and leading.

These years of ministry have given Dino Rizzo the incredible opportunity to pursue his passions for his Savior, his family, and the Church while making a difference in the lives of others.

What Does Dino Do With ARC?

In 2000, Dino co-founded the Association of Related Churches (ARC), a growing group of churches devoted to launching, connecting, and equipping churches and pastors—with the ultimate vision of seeing a life-giving church in every community in the world. Dino serves as the Executive Director for ARC, which has now launched hundreds of life-giving local churches, and is poised to train, equip, and resource many more couples to launch churches in the coming years.

In his role at ARC, Dino leads the National Serve Day initiative, encouraging ARC churches to serve their communities on a specific, designated day—hoping and praying that serving will become part of every church’s DNA. He is also highly visible as host and emcee at ARC’s conferences that bring thousands of pastors and leaders together annually. Additionally, he serves as a keynote speaker and is involved in planning the conference App workshops.

What is the Servolution Movement?

For years, Dino has talked and walked out God’s call to His people to serve others. In 2009, he released the best-selling book Servolution: Starting a Church Revolution Through Serving, which has sold thousands of copies. The book’s success launched a movement of more than 700 churches throughout the world that participate in Servolution in their own communities, including Lakewood Church (Houston, Texas), Life.Church, Camina De Vida (Lima, Peru), Life Church (Manurew, New Zealand) and Assembly of God (Gdansk, Poland). With Servolution, Dino sounds a mass call to churches that serving is not about an event, but rather, infusing a “serving” culture into their DNA.

What is Dino’s Family Life Like?

No relationships matter more to Dino than the ones he shares with DeLynn and their three children, McCall, Dylan, and Isabella.

“My wife is the best Christian I know,” he says. “It’s incredible to live with a woman who is really trying to reflect the love of Jesus in how she mothers our children, how she cares for our home, and how she leads. She has a gift for leading worship and a heart for the Church, especially wives of church planters.“

Dino and DeLynn’s daughter, McCall, and son, Dylan, both work in full-time ministry. Their youngest, Isabella, is in school.

“We’re at a good place in our life where we get to spend more time together,” Dino says, adding that he and DeLynn often travel and speak together. “Our kids are at a fun place, too, with how we’re approaching ministry together in this season of our lives.”