Daily Devotional

by Larry Stockstill

Trials and troubles tend to make us fearful. Instead of feeling stout and bold, we feel stooped and cold! However, Zephaniah 3:17 reminds us, "For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song." This is your first secret to recovery: God is with you! Having Him on your side is like having the United States Army on your side in a skirmish with a Boy Scout troop!

Next, He will rejoice over you with gladness. All His attention and loving affection is directed toward you in the same way a father directs his attention toward his son.

Then, He will calm all your fears. Your fearful, timid whining is for nothing, because perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). You can rest contented and safe in His arms.

Finally, He exults over you by singing a happy song. This picture is like that of a parent holding a child and singing to him in his darkest hour. Can you imagine God singing songs of deliverance over you? What enemy has a chance against such odds?

Be bold and strong, for your Father is on the scene.

Zephaniah 1:1-3:20

The word of the Lord that came to Zephaniah son of Cushi, the son of Gedaliah, the son of Amariah, the son of Hezekiah, during the reign of Josiah2Ki 22:1; 2Ch 34:1-35:25 son of AmonS 1Ch 3:14 king of Judah:

Judgment on the Whole Earth in the Day of the Lord

“I will sweep away everything

from the face of the earth,”S Ge 6:7

declares the Lord.

“I will sweep away both man and beast;Jer 50:3

I will sweep away the birds in the skyS Jer 4:25

and the fish in the sea—

and the idols that cause the wicked to stumble.”The meaning of the Hebrew for this line is uncertain.

“When I destroy all mankind

on the face of the earth,”ver 18; S Hos 4:3

declares the Lord,S Eze 14:17

“I will stretch out my handS Jer 6:12 against Judah

and against all who live in Jerusalem.

I will destroy every remnant of Baal worship in this place,Mic 5:13; Zep 2:11

the very names of the idolatrous priestsS Jer 15:6; S Hos 10:5

those who bow down on the roofs

to worship the starry host,S Jer 8:2

those who bow down and swear by the Lord

and who also swear by Molek,Hebrew MalkamS Lev 18:21; Jer 5:7

those who turn back from followingIsa 1:4; Jer 2:13 the Lord

and neither seekS Isa 9:13 the Lord nor inquireS Hos 7:7 of him.”

Be silentS Isa 41:1 before the Sovereign Lord,

for the day of the Lordver 14; Isa 13:6; S Eze 7:19; S Joel 3:14; S Am 5:18-20 is near.

The Lord has prepared a sacrifice;S Lev 3:9; S Jer 46:10

he has consecrated those he has invited.

“On the day of the Lord’s sacrifice

I will punishIsa 24:21 the officials

and the king’s sonsJer 39:6

and all those clad

in foreign clothes.

On that day I will punish

all who avoid stepping on the threshold,See 1 Samuel 5:5.1Sa 5:5

who fill the temple of their gods

with violence and deceit.S Am 3:10

10 “On that day,Isa 22:5

declares the Lord,

“a cry will go up from the Fish Gate,S 2Ch 33:14

wailingS Am 5:16 from the New Quarter,

and a loud crash from the hills.

11 Wail,Jas 5:1 you who live in the market districtOr the Mortar;

all your merchants will be wiped out,

all who trade withOr in silver will be destroyed.Hos 9:6

12 At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps

and punish those who are complacent,Am 6:1

who are like wine left on its dregs,Jer 48:11

who think, ‘The Lord will do nothing,S 2Ki 21:16; S Eze 8:12

either good or bad.’S Job 22:13

13 Their wealth will be plundered,S 2Ki 24:13; Jer 15:13

their houses demolished.

Though they build houses,

they will not live in them;

though they plant vineyards,

they will not drink the wine.”Dt 28:30, 39; La 5:2; S Am 5:11

14 The great day of the LordS ver 7; S Joel 1:15 is nearS Eze 7:7; S Da 7:13

near and coming quickly.

The cry on the day of the Lord is bitter;

the Mighty Warrior shouts his battle cry.

15 That day will be a day of wrath—

a day of distress and anguish,

a day of trouble and ruin,

a day of darknessS 1Sa 2:9 and gloom,

a day of clouds and blacknessS Isa 22:5; Joel 2:2; Mk 13:24-25

16 a day of trumpet and battle cryS Jer 4:19

against the fortified cities

and against the corner towers.S Dt 28:52; S Isa 2:15; S Joel 2:1

17 “I will bring such distressS Dt 28:52 on all people

that they will grope about like those who are blind,S Isa 59:10

because they have sinned against the Lord.

Their blood will be poured outPs 79:3 like dust

and their entrails like dung.S Ps 83:10

18 Neither their silver nor their gold

will be able to save them

on the day of the Lord’s wrath.”S Job 20:20; S 40:11; S Jer 4:4; S Eze 7:19

In the fire of his jealousyS Dt 29:20

the whole earth will be consumed,S ver 2-3; Zep 3:8

for he will make a sudden end

of all who live on the earth.S Ge 6:7; S Eze 7:11

Judah and Jerusalem Judged Along With the Nations

Judah Summoned to Repent

Gather together,2Ch 20:4; Joel 1:14 gather yourselves together,

you shamefulS Jer 3:3; 6:15 nation,

before the decree takes effect

and that day passes like windblown chaff,Isa 17:13; Hos 13:3

before the Lord’s fierce angerS Jer 10:25; S La 4:11

comes upon you,

before the day of the Lord’s wrathS Jer 4:4; S Eze 7:19

comes upon you.

SeekS Am 5:6 the Lord, all you humble of the land,

you who do what he commands.

Seek righteousness,S Isa 1:17 seek humility;Ps 45:4

perhaps you will be shelteredPs 57:1

on the day of the Lord’s anger.


GazaS Ge 10:19; S Am 1:6, 7-8; Zec 9:5-7 will be abandoned

and AshkelonJer 47:5 left in ruins.

At midday Ashdod will be emptied

and Ekron uprooted.

Woe to you who live by the sea,

you KerethiteS 1Sa 30:14 people;

the word of the Lord is against you,S Lev 26:31; Am 3:1

Canaan, land of the Philistines.

He says, “I will destroy you,

and none will be left.”S Isa 14:30

The land by the sea will become pastures

having wells for shepherds

and pens for flocks.S Isa 5:17

That land will belong

to the remnantS Ge 45:7 of the people of Judah;

there they will find pasture.

In the evening they will lie down

in the houses of Ashkelon.

The Lord their God will care for them;

he will restore their fortunes.Or will bring back their captivesS Dt 30:3; Ps 126:4; Jer 32:44; S Hos 6:11; S Joel 3:1; Am 1:6-8

Moab and Ammon

“I have heard the insultsS Jer 48:27 of MoabS Ge 19:37; S Isa 16:6

and the taunts of the Ammonites,S Eze 21:28

who insultedEze 25:3 my people

and made threats against their land.S La 3:61

Therefore, as surely as I live,”

declares the Lord Almighty,

the God of Israel,

“surely MoabS Dt 23:6; Isa 15:1-16:14; Jer 48:1-47; Eze 25:8-11 will become like Sodom,Dt 29:23; Isa 13:19; Jer 49:18

the AmmonitesJer 49:1-6; Eze 25:1-7 like Gomorrah—

a place of weeds and salt pits,

a wasteland forever.

The remnant of my people will plunderS Isa 11:14 them;

the survivorsS 2Ki 19:31 of my nation will inherit their land.S Am 2:1-3

10 This is what they will get in return for their pride,S Job 40:12; S Isa 16:6

for insultingS Jer 48:27 and mocking

the people of the Lord Almighty.S Ps 9:6

11 The Lord will be awesomeS Joel 2:11 to them

when he destroys all the godsS Zep 1:4 of the earth.S 1Ch 19:1; Eze 25:6-7

Distant nations will bow down to him,Ps 86:9; S Isa 12:4; Zep 3:9

all of them in their own lands.


12 “You Cushites,That is, people from the upper Nile regionS Ge 10:6; S Isa 20:4 too,

will be slain by my sword.S Jer 46:10


13 He will stretch out his hand against the north

and destroy Assyria,S Isa 10:5

leaving NinevehS Ge 10:11; S Na 1:1 utterly desolate

and dry as the desert.S Mic 5:6; Zec 10:11

14 Flocks and herdsS Isa 5:17 will lie down there,

creatures of every kind.

The desert owlS Isa 14:23 and the screech owlS Ps 102:6; Rev 18:2

will roost on her columns.

Their hooting will echo through the windows,

rubble will fill the doorways,

the beams of cedar will be exposed.

15 This is the city of revelryS Isa 32:9

that lived in safety.Isa 47:8

She said to herself,

“I am the one! And there is none besides me.”Eze 28:2

What a ruin she has become,

a lair for wild beasts!Jer 49:33

All who pass by her scoffS Isa 28:22; S Na 3:19

and shake their fists.S Eze 27:36


Woe to the city of oppressors,S Jer 6:6

rebelliousS Dt 21:18 and defiled!S Eze 23:30

She obeysS Jer 22:21 no one,

she accepts no correction.S Lev 26:23; S Jer 7:28

She does not trustS Dt 1:32 in the Lord,

she does not draw nearS Ps 73:28 to her God.

Her officials within her

are roaring lions;S Ps 22:13

her rulers are evening wolves,S Ge 49:27

who leave nothing for the morning.S Mic 3:3

Her prophets are unprincipled;

they are treacherous people.S Ps 25:3; S Isa 48:8; Jer 3:20; 9:4; Mal 2:10

Her priests profane the sanctuary

and do violence to the law.S Jer 23:11; S Eze 22:26

The Lord within her is righteous;S Ezr 9:15

he does no wrong.Dt 32:4

Morning by morningS Ps 5:3 he dispenses his justice,

and every new day he does not fail,S La 3:23

yet the unrighteous know no shame.S Jer 3:3; S Eze 18:25

Jerusalem Remains Unrepentant

“I have destroyed nations;

their strongholds are demolished.

I have left their streets deserted,

with no one passing through.

Their cities are laid waste;S Lev 26:31

they are deserted and empty.

Of Jerusalem I thought,

‘Surely you will fear me

and accept correction!’S Jer 7:28

Then her place of refugeOr her sanctuary would not be destroyed,

nor all my punishments come uponOr all those I appointed over her.

But they were still eager

to act corruptlyS Hos 9:9 in all they did.

Therefore waitS Ps 27:14 for me,”

declares the Lord,

“for the day I will stand up to testify.Septuagint and Syriac; Hebrew will rise up to plunder

I have decided to assembleS Joel 3:11 the nations,S Isa 2:3

to gather the kingdoms

and to pour out my wrathPs 79:6; Rev 16:1 on them—

all my fierce anger.S Jer 10:25; S La 4:11

The whole world will be consumedS Zep 1:18

by the fire of my jealous anger.

Restoration of Israel’s Remnant

“Then I will purify the lips of the peoples,

that all of them may callS Zep 2:11 on the name of the LordS Ge 4:26

and serveS Isa 19:18 him shoulder to shoulder.

10 From beyond the rivers of CushThat is, the upper Nile regionS Ge 10:6; S Ps 68:31

my worshipers, my scattered people,

will bring me offerings.S 2Ch 32:23; S Isa 60:7

11 On that day you, Jerusalem, will not be put to shameS Isa 29:22; S Joel 2:26-27

for all the wrongs you have done to me,S Ge 50:15

because I will remove from you

your arrogant boasters.S Ps 59:12

Never again will you be haughty

on my holy hill.S Ex 15:17; S Lev 26:19

12 But I will leave within you

the meekIsa 14:32 and humble.

The remnant of Israel

will trustS Jer 29:12; Na 1:7 in the name of the Lord.

13 TheyS Isa 10:21 will do no wrong;Ps 119:3; S Isa 4:3

they will tell no lies.S Jer 33:16; Rev 14:5

A deceitful tongue

will not be found in their mouths.S Job 16:17

They will eat and lie downEze 34:15; Zep 2:7

and no one will make them afraid.S Lev 26:6; S Eze 34:25-28

14 Sing, Daughter Zion;S Ps 9:14; Zec 2:10

shout aloud,S Ps 95:1; Isa 12:6; Zec 2:10 Israel!

Be glad and rejoiceS Ps 9:2; S Isa 51:11 with all your heart,

Daughter Jerusalem!

15 The Lord has taken away your punishment,

he has turned back your enemy.

The Lord, the King of Israel, is with you;Eze 37:26-28

never again will you fearS Isa 54:14 any harm.Zec 9:9

16 On that day

they will say to Jerusalem,

“Do not fear, Zion;

do not let your hands hang limp.S 2Ki 19:26; S Job 4:3; Isa 35:3-4; Heb 12:12

17 The Lord your God is with you,

the Mighty Warrior who saves.S Isa 63:1; S Joel 2:21

He will take great delightS Dt 28:63; S Isa 62:4 in you;

in his love he will no longer rebuke you,S Hos 14:4

but will rejoice over you with singing.”S Isa 40:1

18 “I will remove from you

all who mourn over the loss of your appointed festivals,

which is a burden and reproach for you.

19 At that time I will deal

with all who oppressedS Isa 14:2 you.

I will rescue the lame;

I will gather the exiles.S Eze 34:16; S Mic 4:6

I will give them praiseIsa 60:18 and honor

in every land where they have suffered shame.

20 At that time I will gather you;

at that time I will bringS Jer 29:14; S Eze 37:12 you home.

I will give you honorIsa 56:5; 66:22 and praiseS Dt 26:19; S Isa 60:18

among all the peoples of the earth

when I restore your fortunesOr I bring back your captivesS Joel 3:1

before your very eyes,”

says the Lord.

The Lord gave this message to Zephaniah when Josiah son of Amon was king of Judah. Zephaniah was the son of Cushi, son of Gedaliah, son of Amariah, son of Hezekiah.

Coming Judgment against Judah

“I will sweep away everything

from the face of the earth,” says the Lord.

“I will sweep away people and animals alike.

I will sweep away the birds of the sky and the fish in the sea.

I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble,The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain.

and I will wipe humanity from the face of the earth,” says the Lord.

“I will crush Judah and Jerusalem with my fist

and destroy every last trace of their Baal worship.

I will put an end to all the idolatrous priests,

so that even the memory of them will disappear.

For they go up to their roofs

and bow down to the sun, moon, and stars.

They claim to follow the Lord,

but then they worship Molech,Hebrew Malcam, a variant spelling of Molech; or it could possibly mean their king. too.

And I will destroy those who used to worship me

but now no longer do.

They no longer ask for the Lord’s guidance

or seek my blessings.”

Stand in silence in the presence of the Sovereign Lord,

for the awesome day of the Lord’s judgment is near.

The Lord has prepared his people for a great slaughter

and has chosen their executioners.Hebrew has prepared a sacrifice and sanctified his guests.

“On that day of judgment,”

says the Lord,

“I will punish the leaders and princes of Judah

and all those following pagan customs.

Yes, I will punish those who participate in pagan worship ceremonies,

and those who fill their masters’ houses with violence and deceit.

10 “On that day,” says the Lord,

“a cry of alarm will come from the Fish Gate

and echo throughout the New Quarter of the city.Or the Second Quarter, a newer section of Jerusalem. Hebrew reads the Mishneh.

And a great crash will sound from the hills.

11 Wail in sorrow, all you who live in the market area,Or in the valley, a lower section of Jerusalem. Hebrew reads the Maktesh.

for all the merchants and traders will be destroyed.

12 “I will search with lanterns in Jerusalem’s darkest corners

to punish those who sit complacent in their sins.

They think the Lord will do nothing to them,

either good or bad.

13 So their property will be plundered,

their homes will be ransacked.

They will build new homes

but never live in them.

They will plant vineyards

but never drink wine from them.

14 “That terrible day of the Lord is near.

Swiftly it comes—

a day of bitter tears,

a day when even strong men will cry out.

15 It will be a day when the Lord’s anger is poured out—

a day of terrible distress and anguish,

a day of ruin and desolation,

a day of darkness and gloom,

a day of clouds and blackness,

16 a day of trumpet calls and battle cries.

Down go the walled cities

and the strongest battlements!

17 “Because you have sinned against the Lord,

I will make you grope around like the blind.

Your blood will be poured into the dust,

and your bodies will lie rotting on the ground.”

18 Your silver and gold will not save you

on that day of the Lord’s anger.

For the whole land will be devoured

by the fire of his jealousy.

He will make a terrifying end

of all the people on earth.Or the people living in the land.

A Call to Repentance

Gather together—yes, gather together,

you shameless nation.

Gather before judgment begins,

before your time to repent is blown away like chaff.

Act now, before the fierce fury of the Lord falls

and the terrible day of the Lord’s anger begins.

Seek the Lord, all who are humble,

and follow his commands.

Seek to do what is right

and to live humbly.

Perhaps even yet the Lord will protect you—

protect you from his anger on that day of destruction.

Judgment against Philistia

Gaza and Ashkelon will be abandoned,

Ashdod and Ekron torn down.

And what sorrow awaits you PhilistinesHebrew Kerethites.

who live along the coast and in the land of Canaan,

for this judgment is against you, too!

The Lord will destroy you

until not one of you is left.

The Philistine coast will become a wilderness pasture,

a place of shepherd camps

and enclosures for sheep and goats.

The remnant of the tribe of Judah will pasture there.

They will rest at night in the abandoned houses in Ashkelon.

For the Lord their God will visit his people in kindness

and restore their prosperity again.

Judgment against Moab and Ammon

“I have heard the taunts of the Moabites

and the insults of the Ammonites,

mocking my people

and invading their borders.

Now, as surely as I live,”

says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel,

“Moab and Ammon will be destroyed—

destroyed as completely as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Their land will become a place of stinging nettles,

salt pits, and eternal desolation.

The remnant of my people will plunder them

and take their land.”

10 They will receive the wages of their pride,

for they have scoffed at the people of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

11 The Lord will terrify them

as he destroys all the gods in the land.

Then nations around the world will worship the Lord,

each in their own land.

Judgment against Ethiopia and Assyria

12 “You EthiopiansHebrew Cushites. will also be slaughtered

by my sword,” says the Lord.

13 And the Lord will strike the lands of the north with his fist,

destroying the land of Assyria.

He will make its great capital, Nineveh, a desolate wasteland,

parched like a desert.

14 The proud city will become a pasture for flocks and herds,

and all sorts of wild animals will settle there.

The desert owl and screech owl will roost on its ruined columns,

their calls echoing through the gaping windows.

Rubble will block all the doorways,

and the cedar paneling will be exposed to the weather.

15 This is the boisterous city,

once so secure.

“I am the greatest!” it boasted.

“No other city can compare with me!”

But now, look how it has become an utter ruin,

a haven for wild animals.

Everyone passing by will laugh in derision

and shake a defiant fist.

Jerusalem’s Rebellion and Redemption

What sorrow awaits rebellious, polluted Jerusalem,

the city of violence and crime!

No one can tell it anything;

it refuses all correction.

It does not trust in the Lord

or draw near to its God.

Its leaders are like roaring lions

hunting for their victims.

Its judges are like ravenous wolves at evening time,

who by dawn have left no trace of their prey.

Its prophets are arrogant liars seeking their own gain.

Its priests defile the Temple by disobeying God’s instructions.

But the Lord is still there in the city,

and he does no wrong.

Day by day he hands down justice,

and he does not fail.

But the wicked know no shame.

“I have wiped out many nations,

devastating their fortress walls and towers.

Their streets are now deserted;

their cities lie in silent ruin.

There are no survivors—

none at all.

I thought, ‘Surely they will have reverence for me now!

Surely they will listen to my warnings.

Then I won’t need to strike again,

destroying their homes.’

But no, they get up early

to continue their evil deeds.

Therefore, be patient,” says the Lord.

“Soon I will stand and accuse these evil nations.

For I have decided to gather the kingdoms of the earth

and pour out my fiercest anger and fury on them.

All the earth will be devoured

by the fire of my jealousy.

“Then I will purify the speech of all people,

so that everyone can worship the Lord together.

10 My scattered people who live beyond the rivers of EthiopiaHebrew Cush.

will come to present their offerings.

11 On that day you will no longer need to be ashamed,

for you will no longer be rebels against me.

I will remove all proud and arrogant people from among you.

There will be no more haughtiness on my holy mountain.

12 Those who are left will be the lowly and humble,

for it is they who trust in the name of the Lord.

13 The remnant of Israel will do no wrong;

they will never tell lies or deceive one another.

They will eat and sleep in safety,

and no one will make them afraid.”

14 Sing, O daughter of Zion;

shout aloud, O Israel!

Be glad and rejoice with all your heart,

O daughter of Jerusalem!

15 For the Lord will remove his hand of judgment

and will disperse the armies of your enemy.

And the Lord himself, the King of Israel,

will live among you!

At last your troubles will be over,

and you will never again fear disaster.

16 On that day the announcement to Jerusalem will be,

“Cheer up, Zion! Don’t be afraid!

17 For the Lord your God is living among you.

He is a mighty savior.

He will take delight in you with gladness.

With his love, he will calm all your fears.Or He will be silent in his love. Greek and Syriac versions read He will renew you with his love.

He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

18 “I will gather you who mourn for the appointed festivals;

you will be disgraced no more.The meaning of the Hebrew for this verse is uncertain.

19 And I will deal severely with all who have oppressed you.

I will save the weak and helpless ones;

I will bring together

those who were chased away.

I will give glory and fame to my former exiles,

wherever they have been mocked and shamed.

20 On that day I will gather you together

and bring you home again.

I will give you a good name, a name of distinction,

among all the nations of the earth,

as I restore your fortunes before their very eyes.

I, the Lord, have spoken!”

The word of the Lord which came unto Zephaniah the son of Cushi, the son of Gedaliah, the son of Amariah, the son of Hizkiah, in the days of Josiah the son of Amon, king of Judah.

I will utterly consume all things from off the land, saith the Lord.

I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumbling blocks with the wicked: and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the Lord.

I will also stretch out mine hand upon Judah, and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and I will cut off the remnant of Baal from this place, and the name of the Chemarims with the priests;

And them that worship the host of heaven upon the housetops; and them that worship and that swear by the Lord, and that swear by Malcham;

And them that are turned back from the Lord; and those that have not sought the Lord, nor enquired for him.

Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord God: for the day of the Lord is at hand: for the Lord hath prepared a sacrifice, he hath bid his guests.

And it shall come to pass in the day of the Lord's sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the king's children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel.

In the same day also will I punish all those that leap on the threshold, which fill their masters' houses with violence and deceit.

10 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord, that there shall be the noise of a cry from the fish gate, and an howling from the second, and a great crashing from the hills.

11 Howl, ye inhabitants of Maktesh, for all the merchant people are cut down; all they that bear silver are cut off.

12 And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that are settled on their lees: that say in their heart, The Lord will not do good, neither will he do evil.

13 Therefore their goods shall become a booty, and their houses a desolation: they shall also build houses, but not inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, but not drink the wine thereof.

14 The great day of the Lord is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the Lord: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.

15 That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness,

16 A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers.

17 And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.

18 Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord's wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.

Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;

Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord's anger come upon you.

Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord's anger.

For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up.

Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of the Lord is against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.

And the sea coast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds, and folds for flocks.

And the coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah; they shall feed thereupon: in the houses of Ashkelon shall they lie down in the evening: for the Lord their God shall visit them, and turn away their captivity.

I have heard the reproach of Moab, and the revilings of the children of Ammon, whereby they have reproached my people, and magnified themselves against their border.

Therefore as I live, saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, Surely Moab shall be as Sodom, and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, even the breeding of nettles, and saltpits, and a perpetual desolation: the residue of my people shall spoil them, and the remnant of my people shall possess them.

10 This shall they have for their pride, because they have reproached and magnified themselves against the people of the Lord of hosts.

11 The Lord will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen.

12 Ye Ethiopians also, ye shall be slain by my sword.

13 And he will stretch out his hand against the north, and destroy Assyria; and will make Nineveh a desolation, and dry like a wilderness.

14 And flocks shall lie down in the midst of her, all the beasts of the nations: both the cormorant and the bittern shall lodge in the upper lintels of it; their voice shall sing in the windows; desolation shall be in the thresholds; for he shall uncover the cedar work.

15 This is the rejoicing city that dwelt carelessly, that said in her heart, I am, and there is none beside me: how is she become a desolation, a place for beasts to lie down in! every one that passeth by her shall hiss, and wag his hand.

Woe to her that is filthy and polluted, to the oppressing city!

She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the Lord; she drew not near to her God.

Her princes within her are roaring lions; her judges are evening wolves; they gnaw not the bones till the morrow.

Her prophets are light and treacherous persons: her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence to the law.

The just Lord is in the midst thereof; he will not do iniquity: every morning doth he bring his judgment to light, he faileth not; but the unjust knoweth no shame.

I have cut off the nations: their towers are desolate; I made their streets waste, that none passeth by: their cities are destroyed, so that there is no man, that there is none inhabitant.

I said, Surely thou wilt fear me, thou wilt receive instruction; so their dwelling should not be cut off, howsoever I punished them: but they rose early, and corrupted all their doings.

Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.

For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent.

10 From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.

11 In that day shalt thou not be ashamed for all thy doings, wherein thou hast transgressed against me: for then I will take away out of the midst of thee them that rejoice in thy pride, and thou shalt no more be haughty because of my holy mountain.

12 I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust in the name of the Lord.

13 The remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth: for they shall feed and lie down, and none shall make them afraid.

14 Sing, O daughter of Zion; shout, O Israel; be glad and rejoice with all the heart, O daughter of Jerusalem.

15 The Lord hath taken away thy judgments, he hath cast out thine enemy: the king of Israel, even the Lord, is in the midst of thee: thou shalt not see evil any more.

16 In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem, Fear thou not: and to Zion, Let not thine hands be slack.

17 The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

18 I will gather them that are sorrowful for the solemn assembly, who are of thee, to whom the reproach of it was a burden.

19 Behold, at that time I will undo all that afflict thee: and I will save her that halteth, and gather her that was driven out; and I will get them praise and fame in every land where they have been put to shame.

20 At that time will I bring you again, even in the time that I gather you: for I will make you a name and a praise among all people of the earth, when I turn back your captivity before your eyes, saith the Lord.

Revelation 10:1-11

The Angel and the Little Scroll

10 Then I saw another mighty angelRev 5:2 coming down from heaven.Rev 18:1; 20:1 He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbowEze 1:28; Rev 4:3 above his head; his face was like the sun,Mt 17:2; Rev 1:16 and his legs were like fiery pillars.Rev 1:15He was holding a little scroll,ver 8-10; Rev 5:1 which lay open in his hand. He planted his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land,ver 5, 8and he gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion.Hos 11:10 When he shouted, the voices of the seven thundersRev 4:5 spoke.And when the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write;Rev 1:11, 19 but I heard a voice from heavenver 8 say, “Seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down.”Da 8:26; 12:4, 9; Rev 22:10

Then the angel I had seen standing on the sea and on the landver 1, 2 raised his right hand to heaven.Dt 32:40; Da 12:7And he sworeGe 14:22; Ex 6:8; Nu 14:30 by him who lives for ever and ever,S Rev 1:18 who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it,Ps 115:15; 146:6; Rev 4:11; 14:7 and said, “There will be no more delay!Rev 16:17But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet,S Mt 24:31 the mysteryS Ro 16:25 of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.”Am 3:7

Then the voice that I had heard from heavenver 4 spoke to me once more: “Go, take the scrollver 2 that lies open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.”

So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me, “Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but ‘in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.’Ezek. 3:3Jer 15:16; Eze 2:8-3:310 I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth,S ver 9 but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour.11 Then I was told, “You must prophesyEze 37:4, 9 again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings.”Da 3:4; S Rev 13:7

The Angel and the Small Scroll

10 Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, surrounded by a cloud, with a rainbow over his head. His face shone like the sun, and his feet were like pillars of fire.And in his hand was a small scrollOr book; also in 10:8, 9, 10. that had been opened. He stood with his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land.And he gave a great shout like the roar of a lion. And when he shouted, the seven thunders answered.

When the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write. But I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Keep secretGreek Seal up. what the seven thunders said, and do not write it down.”

Then the angel I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand toward heaven.He swore an oath in the name of the one who lives forever and ever, who created the heavens and everything in them, the earth and everything in it, and the sea and everything in it. He said, “There will be no more delay.When the seventh angel blows his trumpet, God’s mysterious plan will be fulfilled. It will happen just as he announced it to his servants the prophets.”

Then the voice from heaven spoke to me again: “Go and take the open scroll from the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.”

So I went to the angel and told him to give me the small scroll. “Yes, take it and eat it,” he said. “It will be sweet as honey in your mouth, but it will turn sour in your stomach!”10 So I took the small scroll from the hand of the angel, and I ate it! It was sweet in my mouth, but when I swallowed it, it turned sour in my stomach.

11 Then I was told, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings.”

10 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:

And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,

And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.

And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.

And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven,

And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.

And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.

10 And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

Psalm 138:1-8

Psalm 138

Of David.

I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart;

before the “gods”Ps 95:3; 96:4 I will singPs 27:6; 108:1 your praise.

I will bow down toward your holy templeS 1Ki 8:29; S Ps 5:7

and will praise your namePs 74:21; 97:12; 140:13

for your unfailing love and your faithfulness,Ps 108:4; 115:1

for you have so exalted your solemn decree

that it surpasses your fame.Ps 119:9

When I called,Ps 18:6; 30:2; 99:6; 116:4 you answered me;S Ps 118:5

you greatly emboldenedPr 28:1; S Ac 4:29 me.

May all the kings of the earthPs 72:11; 102:15 praise you, Lord,

when they hear what you have decreed.

May they singS Ps 51:14; 71:16; 145:7 of the ways of the Lord,

for the glory of the LordPs 21:5 is great.

Though the Lord is exalted, he looks kindly on the lowly;S Ps 113:6

though lofty, he sees themS Ps 40:4; S Mt 23:12 from afar.

Though I walkPs 23:4 in the midst of trouble,

you preserve my life.S Ps 41:2

You stretch out your handS Ex 7:5 against the anger of my foes;Ps 7:6

with your right handPs 20:6; 60:5; 108:6 you save me.Ps 17:7, 14

The Lord will vindicatePhp 1:6 me;

your love, Lord, endures foreverS Ezr 3:11; Ps 100:5

do not abandonS Ps 51:11 the works of your hands.S Job 10:3, 8

Psalm 138

A psalm of David.

I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart;

I will sing your praises before the gods.

I bow before your holy Temple as I worship.

I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness;

for your promises are backed

by all the honor of your name.

As soon as I pray, you answer me;

you encourage me by giving me strength.

Every king in all the earth will thank you, Lord,

for all of them will hear your words.

Yes, they will sing about the Lord’s ways,

for the glory of the Lord is very great.

Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble,

but he keeps his distance from the proud.

Though I am surrounded by troubles,

you will protect me from the anger of my enemies.

You reach out your hand,

and the power of your right hand saves me.

The Lord will work out his plans for my life—

for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.

Don’t abandon me, for you made me.

138 I will praise thee with my whole heart: before the gods will I sing praise unto thee.

I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.

All the kings of the earth shall praise thee, O Lord, when they hear the words of thy mouth.

Yea, they shall sing in the ways of the Lord: for great is the glory of the Lord.

Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

Proverbs 30:11-14

11 “There are those who curse their fathers

and do not bless their mothers;S Pr 20:20

12 those who are pure in their own eyesS Pr 16:2

and yet are not cleansed of their filth;Jer 2:23, 35

13 those whose eyes are ever so haughty,S 2Sa 22:28; S Job 41:34

whose glances are so disdainful;

14 those whose teethS Job 4:11; S Ps 3:7 are swords

and whose jaws are set with knivesPs 57:4

to devourS Job 24:9 the poorAm 8:4; Mic 2:2 from the earth

and the needy from among mankind.S Job 19:22

11 Some people curse their father

and do not thank their mother.

12 They are pure in their own eyes,

but they are filthy and unwashed.

13 They look proudly around,

casting disdainful glances.

14 They have teeth like swords

and fangs like knives.

They devour the poor from the earth

and the needy from among humanity.

11 There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.

12 There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.

13 There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up.

14 There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.

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