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Move One Step Resources

As a small group leader, your primary role is to know the spiritual condition of your group members and then help each of them move one step closer to Christ during the semester. For example, if one of your group members has not yet accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, then as a leader bring them to a church service where they can hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. Or, if one of your group members hasn’t been water baptized since becoming a believer, then urge them to attend a water baptism service. And moving them one step closer to Christ also applies to a discipleship process—at Highlands it would include the Growth Track and joining the Dream Team. This would also apply to spiritual disciplines, like daily Bible reading and prayer. It is vital to the health of our groups that we as leaders do all we can to help our members identify their next steps for spiritual growth and encourage them to take them. Simply said—help your group members move towards God this semester!