Series: Love Story

1 Messages | February and March 2013

About this Series

In this six week series, a study of the Song of Solomon, Pastor Chris teaches on developing proper, godly relationships built on loving God first. If your relationships work, your life all around will improve and can be the greatest gift you could receive. The order of developing relationships is of upmost importance for lasting relationships and honoring God.

Messages in this Series

The Art of Attraction The Art of Attraction Part 1 – Feb 03, 2013 A Season for Everything A Season for Everything Part 2 – Feb 10, 2013 Great Sex Great Sex Part 3 – Feb 17, 2013 Trouble in Paradise Trouble in Paradise Part 4 – Feb 24, 2013 Deeper Love Deeper Love Part 5 – Mar 03, 2013 Till Death Do Us Part Till Death Do Us Part Part 6 – Mar 10, 2013

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